Shannon Gutheil, LPC

Guiding and supporting others through difficult times is what motivates Shannon. She has a passion for helping clients overcome the emotional and behavioral challenges that prevent them from fulfilling their personal and professional goals. By building a deep, enriching therapeutic alliance with you, she is confident that she can help you break down the barriers in your life and find inner peace wherever you are in life.

Shannon takes a holistic approach to therapy, taking into account the mental, emotional, physical, cultural and spiritual dimensions of a person. She draws from an electric range of counseling philosophies, as she believes that each client is unique and can facilitate their own forward movement with assistance from the right person. Moreover, she believes that everyone has a different readiness for change and the internal power to create their own solutions. Her goal is to help you recognize this internal power within yourself.

As a therapist, Shannon specializes in helping clients manage anxiety, cope with major life transitions, and learn new mindfulness and relaxation skills. Additionally, she has a wealth of experience helping people heal from physical trauma and emotional abuse. She understands how dis-empowering trauma can be, and that’s why she is committed to helping clients process and resolve the pain of the past.

Shannon has worked with adults suffering from anxiety in a community setting as well as within higher education. She has had her own private practice since 2018 and has been providing counseling and career development services to adults since 2004. Outside of therapy, she has led workshops on mindfulness and change management as well as seminars on self-development and career development.

Shannon is a former foster parent and is currently an adoptive parent. She is married, has two daughters, and loves her family above all else. In her spare time, she enjoys staying active and doing yoga, meditation, and Pilates. She loves animals and has three rescue pups.

Wherever you find yourself on life’s twisting pathway, Shannon wants to meet you there and help you craft a legacy of confidence and transformation. By helping you identify triggers and come up with new coping and grounding skills, she is confident that she can empower you to achieve your hopes and dreams.

Region(s) served: Texas

Specialty Areas: Holistic Approach, Anxiety, Life Transitions, Mindfulness & Relaxation Techniques, Trauma, Life Coaching, Coping Skills, Empowerment, Relationship Counseling, Emotion Regulation

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