Patti Lorenzo, LCPC

Often times, a crisis occurs when a client experiences a duality between his or her inner world and the external environment in which he or she lives in. This client may be going through a life transition related to loss of a loved one, job loss, aging, or even changes in health conditions. He or she may even be struggling internally to make a decision more aligned with their authentic selves such as gender, relationship styles, and vocational interests. The goal for this client is to achieve quality of life and fulfillment without denying himself or herself of his or her true identity and human condition.

My professional background consists of diverse experiences including being involved in the creative, educational, residential, and healthcare settings in the U.S. and in the Philippines. Those experiences have given me an opportunity to explore humanity in all forms and value unique perspectives. I believe that a mix of talk therapy, strength-based approaches, and alternative techniques such as play, artmaking, and meditation lends itself well to the providing a safe, validating space for the individual. My goal is to assist clients in finding and designing their own individual blueprint for building a quality life for themselves.

Specialty Areas: Relationships, Depression, Anxiety, Art Therapy, Strength-Based Therapy, Talk Therapy, Meditation

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