Michelle Jaquish, LCSW

Michelle is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and a graduate of the Masters in Social Work program at the University of Washington’s School of Social Work in 2016. Michelle doesn't consider herself a very traditional therapist practicing forms of decolonized therapy, by breaking down the power structures of the traditionally clinical therapeutic relationship.

She works very collaboratively with her clients, bringing her authentic self into the room while letting my clients take the lead in their lives and goals in therapy.

She works actively with clients to facilitate a co-created healing space that allows for all aspects of a client’s identity and experience. She understands that trauma, pain, fear, and stagnation are stored and experienced in the body; supporting clients in developing awareness of and strengthening their connection to what’s happening in their bodies and minds. She also supports clients with integrating their spiritual beliefs, values, and practices where applicable through Oracle, Tarot, and other non-traditional spiritual modalities.

Specialty Areas: Relationships, Trauma & Fear, Mind-Body Connection, Holistic Therapy, Decolonized Therapy, Identity Work, Spirituality

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