Lucie Middeldorf, HCP

Dearest You,

I am so glad you are here. I’d like to tell you a bit about myself, my experience and why I am here.

I have experienced just about every type of heartbreak that exists, a childhood which was not easy, and an adulthood where I created a new version of myself who I truly love and honor so much.

What I have learned is that our stories are important. They help us take our pieces and build something new. And if we build with love they can help us build something even better than we had before. When we get real and honest and raw about what we go through, we have the power to turn our words into medicine and our experiences into wisdom. And that is the reason why I am here because you deserve love and care.

I am counseling young people between 20 - 30 years old applying process-oriented psychology called "Process Work." It is a healing therapy focused on the relationship between mind, heart, and body. It integrates separated elements which cause problems to create wholeness and harmony.

I hope that through our conversations you will be reminded of your strength, reintroduced to your resilience, and reconnected with your personal power and love of self.

Love, Lucie

Specialty Areas: Empowerment, Self-Esteem, Mindfulness, Life Coaching, Authenticity Training, Holistic Psychology, Process Work

Education: Holistic counselor and psychotherapist, Metavision Institute Federation of Australia PACFA accredited. Process-oriented psychology approach that integrates principles from Jungian psychology, set of techniques associated with transpersonal psychology, somatic psychology which also incorporates awareness from Buddhism and Taoism.

Awake Therapy provides on-demand video and telephone psychotherapy, counseling, and coaching to individuals in over 40 countries worldwide.